1) Please include all disclaimers, ratings, titles and feedback email addresses.

2) Any rating of fuffy fic is welcomed here. Be not afraid to share the smut.

3) Please don't flame me for not archiving something straight away. You have to remember that I do actually have a life. Hard as it is to believe.

4) I don't mind incomplete fics being submitted, but some I won't archive until they are finished. For instance, series that haven't been updated in a good long while, I won't archive those until they're done. Get off yer arses and get it finished already!

5) Please put a blank line between each paragraph, and each new person talking. It makes it much easier and faster to code. I'm lazy. I'm well aware of this. There's no need to point it out to me.

6) I won't archive any fic that has any form of child pornography in it. Seems weird, I know. Especially as it's fuffy fic. But you'd be surprised what some sickos'll send me.

7) If you're sending me a series, then please send the parts|chapters seperatly. I don't have the time, nore the inclination to seperate them myself.

8) I can't think of any more rules at the moment. Because I'm lazy maybe. Or perhaps it's because I'm doing this at 3 in the morning. Either one, enjoy the forgetfulness while it lasts.. [mwah!]