[X] re-organised archives
[X] tons and tons of new fic
[X] and in other news :-
                ~ after a year and five months hiatus, darckore is back. i've been working on this re-design/re-opening for about 5 months. it's been a while, and i was abit rusty, but it's finished now. so, for all you writers out there, thank you for your submittions, they're all sat in the archives, waiting to be read.
                ~ a special bunch of thanks, hugs, kisses and general love go out to: chris, bex xiles, simmy, distort, clair, jo, shell, kirsty, ben, phillipa, lizzy, ep, half-life, myth, woof, bission, kate, paulie, sez, san, matty, mark, cabbage, sammy, chamy, dez and amy for your continued support and friendship.