[v1| a raven on a blades edge]

this was the splash page. i simply took the wing from the main page design and made a simple, yet effective splash image.

originally, there were two versions of the site. a flat version, and a pop up version. but because of the way my own browser was set, this version never really showed up correctly in most peoples browser windows. i discontinued this version after only a short while of it being on-line.

after i discontinued the flat version, this was the one that was left: the pop up. it was slightly smaller than 800x600, so it didn't take over your screen.

the finished version, including both versions, the designing, and the writing off all the html and code by hand, took a total of four weeks to finish. i liked this layout, which is why it stayed on-line so long. but as things go, it was time for a change.

[v2| we build our own cages]

the splash page for version two was really just a cross section of the main pages image. it was so simplistic. it didn't have any requierments on it, and originally it didn't have anything but the splash image itself.

the main page, as shown above, was a very simple frames page, split into two halves. one side for the image, the other side for the content. the image itself was a map pic, and although the colors of the site worked extreemly well together, if you were looking at it on a computor that didn't have full color abilities, the image looked a darker color to the rest of the site. cascading style sheets were also used in the creation of this site.

while it was my favorite of all the versions of darckore (some which are not shown here, but there have been approx 7 other versions), i felt it was time for a change, and something a little bit different.

[v3| survive--------> brea'the..]

once again, i used the cross-section idea for the splash, taking the original image i had created and chopping out chunk of it to create the splash image.

like i said; something a little different. this was the first 'skin' to this version, there were three in total, and you could choose which one you wanted to look at while you cruized the site. i simply took the original image i created (see skin2) and messed about with it until i got this. then i used complex frames to splice the image up and add the text window.

ok, this is skin two. i decided to simply use the original image that i created for this one, adding the menu and site text to it afterwards. as you can see, if you look back through the versions of darckore, i have an winged faith theme going on. and damn does it take a long time to find the right wings to use..

another kind of like skin1, except instead of slicing up the image and adding a text box somewhere in it, i used just two frames and kept the image in one of them while the text went in the other. this was my favorite of the skins.

this version took me about four weeks to complete, because i had to re-code alot of the fics and sub-pages within it, as well as creating the four seperate images that were used in the skins and for the splash. i used photoshop 6 for the manipulating and collaging.

[v4| fallen angel]

the site you are looking at right now is the newest version of Darckore. as you can see it's a little bit different than all the pervious versions. i still stuck with my frames/i-frames method, but i put it all within a table this time. which took a long, loooong time to code. the imaging itself took me about four days to complete (but that's with spending about 6-8 hours each day on it). i decided to use red as the theme color this time, but kept it sporadic through out the designing process. this version took me a total of 6 weeks to finish.